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We all understand that accidents happen in all walks of life. It’s an unfortunate truth that a sequence of events out of a person’s control can result in a personal injury. However, the risk of injuries and accidents at work or elsewhere can be minimised by increased awareness and taking precautions.

A campaign introduced by The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) aims to raise awareness of possible action and to reduce the number of preventable injuries.

APIL run a number of campaigns through the year that aim to enhance the lives of those who have suffered injuries and also to reduce the number of accidents resulting in injuries. The next campaign is Injury Prevention Day that falls on Wednesday August 15th 2018.

What is Injury Prevention Day?

Injury Prevention Day has been running annually since 2015 and aims to have fewer people needlessly injured. The theme changes each year and in 2018 the focus of the will be on avoiding injuries by ensuring vehicle head restraints are properly adjusted.

In the event of a road traffic accident, by sitting in a car with a well-positioned head restraint, drivers and passengers lower the risk of subsequent neck and back injuries.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has produced a handy fact sheet to assist you in positioning your head restraint correctly to minimise injury if you are involved in a road traffic accident.  The fact sheet can be found at:

What are the most common types of personal injury?

It is vital for road users to do all they can to prevent road traffic accidents. Last year, YouGov research showed that road traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury cases.

According to YouGov research, around one in four adults have suffered from a personal injury and five per cent of the British population suffer a personal injury every year. The three most frequent types of personal injury cases are road traffic accidents (50%), accidents in a public place (21%), and accidents in the workplace, which account for 16%.

In 2017, Injury Prevention Day also focused on road traffic accidents as . they are the leading cause of personal injury; it is important for drivers and passengers to be aware of all necessary actions and protocol that prevent foreseen accident injuries.

Preventing avoidable injuries

All accidents can’t be avoided, but the numbers can certainly be minimised. Accidents and injuries do happen but most of the time, they can be avoided. Properly adjusting head restraints is just one of the many actions that can prevent avoid road injuries.

However, should you have an accident, it’s often advisable to get in touch with experienced personal injury solicitors who can advise you if legal action is relevant in your particular case.

All of our personal injury solicitors at Bray & Bray are members of APIL. Like all members, we are committed to improving the law so that when accidents happen and injuries occur, those who sustain injuries can exercise their right to seek justice, care and fair compensation.

Personal injury solicitors in Leicestershire

At Bray & Bray, we provide legal advice for a range of personal injury claims, including road traffic accidents. Our road traffic accident solicitors are highly experienced in successfully claiming compensation for pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, car drivers and their passengers when they are involved in road traffic accidents.

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