We are pleased to announce that our charity of the year for 2019 is Warning Zone, a life skills centre and children safeguarding charity based in Leicester.

Warning Zone aims to provide children, across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, with key skills on how to behave and keep safe in the community and online, dealing with topics such as knife crime, road safety, fire hazards, on-line safety, safety on the railways and safety around water.

The charity’s mission is to provide a high-quality learning experience which will help predominantly Year 6 (aged 10/11) children and upwards make their transition into adolescence safer by giving them some of the tools needed to become responsible members of their local community, understanding the consequences of their actions and the impact certain anti-social could have on them and others.

Sessions take place at the charity’s centre based at Frog Island in Leicester, which relies heavily on volunteers to help deliver their programme. The charity is independent and receives no government funding.

Throughout the year, Warning Zone holds various fundraising events such as quizzes, gin evenings, Rutland cruises and golf days.  As well as getting involved in some of these events, Bray & Bray will also be organising additional events to help raise valuable funds for the charity.

To find out more about Warning Zone, visit www.warningzone.org.uk