We make Wills for clients of all ages, but in our experience a lot of people don’t make their first Will until they are well into middle age.  We occasionally have a client come to see us in their 70s or 80s never having made a Will before.  Luckily, they have got away with it until then!  But it does concern us as to why people put off making such an important document.

We know that there are some things which do prompt people to make Wills – ironically one of the biggest motivators is going on holiday abroad.  People also come to see us after they have been bereaved themselves, and have had to face up to mortality.

What still surprises us however is that couples with young families who are in their 30s quite often do not make a Will, despite the fact that it is the best way to make sure than any surviving young children are properly looked after and brought up.  Second marriages, where there are children from previous marriages, are also a surprise to us, even though many people, in all walks of life, will be able to tell you about a family member who “lost all the family money to their stepfather’s children”.  It would be much better if people thought about these things and discussed them; we know that it sometimes leads to arguments and conflicts about the best thing to do; but that is nothing compared to the arguments and disappointments after death if it has not been dealt with properly.

And really, writing a Will won’t kill you.  A national charity once introduced a presentation with some statistics showing that the average age at which you died if you made a Will was higher than the average age at which you died if you hadn’t got a Will (and if your Will included a gift to charity then statistically you would be even older before you died).

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