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Q: I am separating from my husband/wife/partner and we have a lot of issues we need to resolve.

A:The purpose of seeking legal advice is to help you make decisions which will aid you to resolve any issues.  There are always options to help you to reach a resolution in your case.

Q: What is mediation?

A: The aim of mediation is to help you find a solution to any difficulties you might be having e.g. making arrangements for your children or resolving financial arrangements.  Mediation is impartial and the mediator will not take sides.

Q: Who can attend mediation?

A: Normally you and your ex-partner or spouse will attend.  On occasion your child or children can be included to help you reach an agreement.  You must be willing to share information and it should be open and without any party feeling intimidated or threatened.

Q: I would like to resolve things amicably if possible.

A: Mediation is an ideal way for you to resolve your differences.  It can be a cheap and time efficient option, which allows you an active role in settling your dispute.  You can mediate regarding your children and/or financial matters.

Q: What happens when we reach an agreement?

A: The mediator will prepare a written summary of what has been agreed and a financial summary (if relevant).  This document is not legally binding and you may still want to take legal advice at this time.

Q: Is every case suitable for mediation?

A: No.  There are cases where mediation is not suitable for example, if there has been domestic violence or there are welfare concerns.  The courts are very keen for you to resolve your issues by mediation and can adjourn proceedings if you have not tried mediation.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: There is a charge by the mediator and details can be found on their respective websites.  It may be the case that subject to financial eligibility, you will be eligible for Legal Aid, which will cover the costs of the mediation.  However if you should want Legal Aid, then you will need to ensure that the mediator provides the Legal Aid Service, as not all mediators offer Legal Aid.

Questions about mediation

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