The Data Protection Act imposes on Employees and Employers, important obligations regarding the safeguarding and use of data it obtains from third parties and in particular client’s/customers. At last we have a case that will help Employers prevent exiting employees from stealing that information.

In a recent case, the Information Commissioner’s Office successfully prosecuted a former employee of a company for sending details of 957 clients to his personal email address before leaving to start a new role at a rival company. The email contained commercially sensitive information, which included personal data in the form of contact details and the purchase history of customers.

Be vigilant

Both employees and businesses need to be alert to the pitfalls and should seek professional advice on how best to protect data in all areas of work. When you are at work it might be second nature to lock your computer, but if you are working away from the office for the day, the usual practices you employ to protect data might be forgotten. If you are working away from the office, ensure personal data stored on portable devices such as laptops, phones, tablets or memory sticks is encrypted and kept secure at all times, avoid leaving papers or electronic devices lying around, make sure members of the public cannot see confidential documents or computer screens and avoid talking about confidential matters when members of the public may be able to hear.

Data Protection – expert advice

If you need advice on any aspect of data protection or how you are using your customers’ data, please contact our team of expert lawyers. Bray & Bray have three main offices across Leicestershire, feel free to phone or pop in to talk to our solicitors.