A recent survey, carried out by researchers at The University of Manchester suggests that workplace racism still remains an important work issue.

According to the survey of 25,000 UK workers, ethnic minority workers are frequently subjected to racism by their colleagues, managers, and service users. At the same time, some white British employees feel that programmes aimed specifically at encouraging a diverse workforce provide ethnic minority employees with preferential treatment.

When presenting their findings to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community, the researchers called for all employers to unite in the delivery of a complete zero-tolerance approach to racism in the workplace, through both policy and in day to day practice.

The presentation was chaired by MP David Lammy, who said: “Evidence of racism of any kind is totally unacceptable, so this report is very concerning.  Discrimination of any sort has absolutely no place in our workplaces. I’m pleased to be able to hold this meeting to shine a light on some difficult issues, and it is important that government and employers act to ensure equal treatment and equal opportunities for all.”

The report also highlights the negative impact of workplace racism on emotional and psychological wellbeing, including its detrimental influence on recruitment and promotion.

To view the report, published in November 2016, visit the Business in the Community website.

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