Q: How did you hear about Bray & Bray? 

A: I can’t remember!  I’ve been with Bray & Bray for around 15 years, ever since I changed lawyers because I wasn’t happy with my previous ones. 

Q: Why did you need a commercial property solicitor? 

A: I run a business so have always needed a solicitor constantly throughout the year.  Most recently, Phillip has completed three leases on a property for me. 

Q: What were your first impressions of Phillip Heseltine? 

A: Phillip is very open, very capable and very obliging. 

Q: How would you rate Phillip for how well he meets your expectations in terms of time, communication and expertise? 

A: Nearly the full 10. 

Q: What is the process usually like when you’re working with Phillip? 

A: Phillip takes a very sensible view of situations, bearing in mind the legal requirements and restrictions he has to take into consideration. 

Q: What would you say makes Bray & Bray different to other law firms that you have used in the past? 

A: The solicitors at Bray & Bray give me a wide reaching service. 

Q: If you were to recommend Phillip to a friend or family member, what would you say? 

A: He’s a competent, knowledgeable property lawyer.


Contact Phillip or the Commercial Property Law Team

If you need advice about real estate and commercial property contact Phillip Heseltine directly on pjheseltine@braybray.co.uk or call 0116 254 8871 to speak with him.

For more information about the Commercial Property Team and its services, view the Commercial Property Law page.