When Mr & Mrs R from Rutland wanted to create Discretionary Trust Wills and to sever a tenancy on a property, they asked around for a solicitor that would know what they wanted and how best to do it.  Here, they explain how they were pointed in the direction of Andrew Hitchon at Bray & Bray’s Market Harborough office. 

Q: How did you hear about Bray & Bray? 

A: Our daughter works in the legal department at her company and I asked her if she could recommend anyone.  She asked around and Bray & Bray – with Andrew’s name in particular – came up. 

Q: What did Andrew do for you? 

A: We needed some Wills and had just sold a house in Worthing so really wanted to tie up a whole lot of loose ends and ideally to get it done in one hit.  Andrew went through our options and explained it very lucidly – to people who don’t really understand these things because it’s not part of our everyday lives – and then made some suggestions.  He asked us if what he suggested would be alright and it sounded like it was exactly what we were after. 

Q: Were there any issues along the way? 

A: No, Andrew was absolutely wonderful, and so was Sarah his secretary.  When I first phoned up I was a bit cautious because I didn’t really know what I was talking about, but I spoke to Sarah first and she was extremely helpful and lovely – then when I spoke to Andrew he was too.  It really was completely painless. 

Q: How would you rate Andrew for how well he met your expectations in terms of time, communication and expertise? 

A: I had no expectation; we went in with some questions and those questions were answered.  Everything that Andrew did for us was absolutely spot on.  He explained everything, took his time with us and asked if it was all okay.  Everything that we wanted doing was done. 

Q: If you were to recommend Andrew to a friend or family member, what would you say? 

A: I would have no hesitation whatsoever in putting Andrew’s name forward.  We were really quite impressed.  He knew exactly what we were talking about, what we were after and what we were trying to do.  He dealt with it all with minimal fuss and at the same time gave us several options.  As well as that he is a very personable bloke – when we went in for the second time we had a chuckle with him, which is the sort of thing that turns him into a real person and not just a solicitor.

Maxine on reception was very helpful and very welcoming too.  All in all, it was a good experience and everyone at Bray & Bray made us feel like real people and not like we were just people asking stupid questions.

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