Sometimes when you have been married to someone for a very long time, it’s important to try to keep a divorce amicable whilst still being able to sort out financial and living arrangements.  Here, a client describes how she was supported to reach a settlement and how she felt when she experienced going to Court for the first time: 

Q: How did you come across Bray & Bray? 

A: Somebody I worked with recommended Bray & Bray’s family lawyers for my divorce. 

Q: What were your first impressions of Sarah, who dealt with your case? 

A: Sarah is a lovely, warm lady.  Having never been involved with solicitors before, except for buying a house, it was a daunting experience at what was a very raw and sore time, but Sarah was very approachable, very clear, and down to earth; she made me feel 100 times better during our first meeting. 

Q: What did Sarah do for you? 

A: It was a very difficult time and I was trying to tread the middle path by keeping on good terms with my husband.  I wanted things to be divided up financially ASAP so that I was no longer liable for the things he spent money on.

I really didn’t want a witch hunt or to be vindictive and Sarah was fantastic at wording things in the right way so that the situation didn’t become nasty.

Q: Were there any issues that arose along the way? 

A: No, Sarah was really helpful and very good about letting me know when mail had been sent so that I could chase things up my side.  She was very accommodating and very understanding of the situation without being judgemental, so neither of us felt awkward at all. 

Q: How do you feel now that your divorce has been finalised? 

A: I feel wonderful.  Sarah came with me to Court for the financial settlement.  It was a really alien place for me; somewhere I had never been before.  I teach for a job but going into Court with metal detector gates alarming and where there were people there who looked perfectly comfortable and as though they were there every week, was a daunting situation.

Sarah was amazing.  We talked through things beforehand and she talked me through all of the possible outcomes.  She was very, very calm and reassuring and handled everything perfectly so that I got the best possible outcome.  When we were finished I gave her a big hug.  She really went above and beyond being a professional person and just doing her job.  Being there for me in Court was very valuable to me – it can be a scary place!

Q: If you were to recommend Sarah and Bray & Bray to a friend or family member, what would you say to them? 

A: Sarah is extremely professional and extremely competent at her job.  She might not be the cheapest solicitor but she certainly knows what she’s doing!  She was there for me whenever I needed her; if ever I wasn’t sure about something she would get back to me straight away and so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.  I felt that she really went that extra mile whilst she saw me through quite a nasty time.  It was worth every single penny and I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending Bray & Bray or Sarah.


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