Client Interview: Ian Payne

How did you come across Bray & Bray?

My sister had been in a similar situation to me, where she split up with her husband and bought him out of their mortgage.  She recommended Bray & Bray to me because they had dealt with her case so well.

What were your first impressions of the Family Law team?

David Berridge dealt with my case.  My first impressions of David were that he was really enthusiastic about his job and was positive about what he could do for me.  He was also very informative; he told me about the likely ups and downs and when he explained things, he was easy to understand and to listen to.  I also thought he was just a generally good guy and I really can’t fault his approach at all.

What did David do for you?

I was already divorced and my ex-wife had moved out, leaving me to pay for the house and to look after our two children.  We had recently re-mortgaged the house just 16 months ago, but David advised me that because we had been married for 20 years, I should expect that my ex-wife would be able to get some sort of pay-out from me.

Did you receive the result that you expected?

According to marital law, I believe that I got off quite lightly.  Morally and ethically, I don’t think that I should have had to pay anything, but I know that a good job was done for me.

Were there any issues that arose along the way and how were they handled?

My ex-wife told me that she couldn’t afford to continue to pay her half of the mortgage or to pay maintenance for the children, so we had just agreed to leave each other alone.  However, when my son turned 18, I came home to a letter stating that my ex-wife wanted to try to claim everything she could.  I had already let her take whatever she wanted from out of the house and wasn’t prepared to pay what now was being asked. We actually went to court twice, at which point she still wanted around £35,000 as well as things like periodical payments and half of my pension. I countered this with an offer of £7,500 before a settlement agreement of £15,000 was offered to me.  David explained that if this had been the first offer, he would have recommended I take it there and then.  I then had conversations with my parents and siblings who had been in a similar situation, where they told me that I was getting a good deal, so I knew that David’s advice to accept instead of going to court for a third time, was good advice.

How would you describe the process from start to finish?

I’ve got no complaints whatsoever.  David was extremely professional and considerate.  I did expect it to drag on a bit, like most legal matters do, but it didn’t go on for any longer than I expected.

What would you say makes Bray & Bray different to other law firms that you have used in the past?

I’d looked around at other solicitors before my sister recommended Bray & Bray.  When she explained that they have a specialist family side, I noticed that the others that I had looked at didn’t have this and it automatically clicked with me that a firm with a separate department purely for family issues was likely to be a good one to go with.

If you were to recommend Bray & Bray to a friend or family member, what would you say to them?

I’d happily give Bray & Bray a glowing reference to anybody; certainly in relation to the work done by David.  I’d say that Bray & Bray are a company that you can trust, where the people will do the best they can for you.  Having spoken to others that have been through a similar thing to me, I can also say that their prices are competitive with everyone else too.

Do you have any other comments to add?

Only to thank David and Bray & Bray as a company for all the work that they have done for me.  If I ever have another problem, I will definitely go back to Bray & Bray.


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