Chris Deacon from Market Harborough has been a client of Bray & Bray for almost 10 years.  When he wanted to create two Lasting Power of Attorneys he enlisted the expertise of Wills, Trusts & Probate solicitor Andrew Hitchon.

Q: How did you hear about Bray & Bray?

A: By chance and to some extent good fortune.  My Great Aunt had a Will with Bray & Bray and I was an executor and responsible for dealing with her estate.  When she sadly passed away, my association with Bray & Bray and Martin Hill began.

Q: What did Andrew and Bray & Bray do for you? 

A:  When Martin passed away, Andrew took on my work.  I had a great working relationship with Martin.  He had dealt with an inheritance tax problem and gave me some really pivotal advice at the time which helped me to put everything into action and retain all of the property. Without this advice I wouldn’t have been in a position to grow my property portfolio.

When Andrew took over it was absolutely seamless.  Andrew is just as reassuring as Martin and he is right at the top of his game. He dealt with everything at a running pace, adapting quickly to some particularly complex issues.

Q: Were there any issues along the way?

A: No, Andrew was excellent throughout.  This might come across as being a little bold; however everything was dealt with how I’m sure Martin would have wanted.

Q: How would you rate Andrew for how well he met your expectations in terms of time, communication and expertise?

A: He’s delivered everything and met my expectations extremely well.  Andrew is a very warm person and I can imagine he gets on well with all of his clients. Where I have perhaps not got back to Andrew quickly enough or juggled things quite so well, he has!

Q: If you were to recommend Andrew to a friend or family member, what would you say?

A: Without a second’s thought, Andrew would be the first person I would recommend.  I cannot imagine anyone not getting on with him or having a meeting with him but then deciding not to instruct him.  He’s obviously part of the fabric of Bray & Bray and I’m extremely happy with the work he carried out!

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