Label Apeel Ltd is a Leicester based self-adhesive label design and manufacturing business, which produces labels for well-known brands within the consumer goods industry, ranging from whiskey and wine to cosmetics and hairspray.

The business has won many awards over the past few years, for both sector and industry related accolades, and continues to grow at an impressive rate.  Plans for growth included the recent purchase of a new factory building, where Owner and Managing Director Stuart Kellock enlisted the advice of Leicester based commercial property solicitor, Phillip Heseltine of Bray & Bray Solicitors.

Here, Stuart explains the process of purchasing the factory and comments on why he wouldn’t hesitate to use Bray & Bray again. 


Q: How did you come across Bray & Bray? 

A: We have dealt with Bray & Bray for donkey’s years!  I’d say we have a relationship going back a good 20 odd years.


Q: What was the reason for you contacting Bray & Bray? 

A: To purchase a new factory.  We were in a rented 4 storey building and had the opportunity to buy a single storey building, which had lots of advantages when manufacturing self-adhesive labels.


Q: What were your first impressions of Phillip Heseltine, who dealt with your case? 

A: Fantastic!  Phillip gave us the right air of confidence straight away.  He is very precise, very sincere, very clear in communications and very strong in what he’s saying.  He made the process straightforward and explained everything clearly without bamboozling us.


Q: What extra value did Phillip add to the transaction? 

A: Phillip gave us advice about capital allowances, which has made a huge difference in terms of cash flow.  There was a good deal available and we hadn’t even considered it before, having always rented.  The previous owners had put a lot of work into the building and they hadn’t taken advantage of capital allowances either, so having the right advice and information at a critical time was really advantageous.


Q: Were there any issues that arose along the way and how were they handled? 

A: There were issues with the site we are in and what it was previously, including what was underneath it.  Phillip was very strong in pursuing the point and he kept raising it as an issue that needed to be addresses.  Whilst others tried to brush past it or ignore it, Phillip sorted it out for us once and for all and we now know that we are properly covered.


Q: How would you describe the process from start to finish? 

A: It was incredibly smooth to be honest.  Everything was done by the time that it needed to be done for, nothing went wrong and there was absolutely no aggravation for us.


Q: Have you used any other law firms in the past? 

A: No, we have always used Bray & Bray.


Q: If you were to recommend Phillip or Bray & Bray to a friend or family member, what would you say to them? 

A: With Phillip, he gives you the confidence that he knows exactly what he’s doing.  We had never purchased commercial property before but Phillip was exceptionally good and certainly made the process very smooth.  He’s at the top of his game and you can’t go wrong working with him.

Working with Bray & Bray is always a pleasure; the team always makes things easy!


Label Apeel

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