In October 2009, Leicester resident Mr Mistry was standing on the pavement outside of Leicester Train Station when a car mounted the curb, crushing his legs against a barrier.  The accident left Mr Mistry with two broken legs, one of which had to be amputated.

Speaking about how he felt at the time of the accident, Mr Mistry says: “I waited about 10 minutes for an ambulance and needed several litres of blood when it arrived.  People seemed more shocked than I was when it happened.  I remember thinking ‘Oh for God’s sake!’ because it seemed more of an inconvenience than anything.  The next thing I remember is waking up in hospital.  I knew what needed to happen to my leg and wasn’t in shock – I just told my parents and the doctor that I wanted to be walking again as soon as possible.” 

Finding the right solicitor

Mr Mistry quickly sought legal advice for his injuries, with the help of his sister who researched a lot of local solicitors before contacting Bray & Bray because of their track record involving serious injuries.  Describing his first impression of serious injury specialist Ian Johnson, Mr Mistry says: “I first met Ian whilst I was in hospital.  It was quite daunting to start with, but Ian is the friendliest person and was professional from start to finish.” 

On the road to recovery

Once Mr Mistry was out of hospital, he was led by Ian Johnson’s expertise to find an agent to help with rehabilitation equipment to use in order to start walking again.  Ian then looked into a rehabilitation centre that Mr Mistry wanted to try, before researching and recommending the best type of prosthetic leg for Mr Mistry to use.

The next stage of Mr Mistry’s recovery was to try to get back into employment.  Ian also guided him through this and helped to secure Mr Mistry a job in a local call centre.  Commenting on this stage, Mr Mistry says: “I found that integrating back into a working environment was extremely beneficial to my recovery.” 

Compensation awarded

When it came to compensation for Mr Mistry’s injuries, Ian Johnson explained what Mr Mistry would need for the rest of his life, as a result of the accident; then fought to win the appropriate amount for him in court.  “Ian explained the minimum and maximum figures I could anticipate receiving in compensation for a case involving amputation,” explains Mr Mistry.  “He gave me a realistic figure with the lowest amount being £1.2million and the highest £1.9million.”  The final figure that Mr Mistry was able to take home was £1.7million in compensation.

Long term support and guidance

Since the case has settled, Mr Mistry describes how things have changed for him: “I feel normal now – I don’t feel alienated or out of place anymore,” he says.  “I spoke with Ian recently and am looking to upgrade my prosthesis to a Genium limb soon, so that I can have one that supports more activities like running and climbing.  It’s great that Ian is still there for guidance, I know that I can still go to him for advice anytime.  I’m looking to buy a house, so Ian has referred me to someone from Bray & Bray for that and he has links with Welford Place Wealth Management Independent Financial Advisers, who are looking after me to ensure that I have good financial advice for the rest of my life too.” 

Commenting on the service received from Ian and Bray & Bray as a firm, Mr Mistry says: “It was the first time I’ve ever had to use a solicitor and it was a good experience, which included help from several people from the Personal Injury, Conveyancing, and Wills and Trusts departments.  Not knowing what to expect, I was given step by step guidance, free space when I wanted it and it felt like Ian always answered my queries as soon as he possibly could. 

“The best thing about Ian was that he was realistic all the way through my case and I really appreciated him not sugar coating any of his answers.  I’ve chosen to stay in touch with him and would like to show him how well I’ve developed since I last saw him, because it’s down to him and the other specialists he put me in touch with, that I’ve gotten this far already.” 

Summarising, Mr Mistry says: “Overall, the service I received from Bray & Bray was fantastic – I couldn’t ask for a better solicitor or firm.”

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