Client interview: David Hackett

Q: How did you come across Bray & Bray?

A: I had used them previously when I had a fairly bad work accident back in 2000, when I fell off a ladder.  In that case I’d had thrombosis; had smashed my wrist; dislocated my elbow and been hospitalised for a while.  I remember being told at the time that Bray & Bray were probably one of the best solicitors in Leicester, so I contacted them.

Q: What was the reason for you contacting Bray & Bray most recently? 

A:  I had been working for my previous employer for about 9 years and all of a sudden, I noticed that when it was cold my fingers would turn white and my hands would get very painful.  I had developed Vibration White Finger, which affected me whilst doing many things, even gardening and it became apparent that it was because I had been using vibrating tools every working day for the last 9 years.

Q: What were your first impressions of Charlotte, the Personal Injury lawyer who dealt with your case? 

A: My first impressions were very good.  Straight away Charlotte came across as very polite and she was very accurate in the details that she took from me. 

Q: What did Charlotte do for you? 

A: Charlotte won me a settlement of £11,000 against my employer.  Throughout the whole process she was very informative; always keeping me up to speed.  There were even times towards the end where I might have settled, but Charlotte carried on.

I am so, so impressed at Charlotte’s professionalism – she is an absolute credit to Bray & Bray.

Q: Were there any issues that arose along the way and how were they handled? 

A: My employer had gone into liquidation whilst I was making my claim and so it was difficult and complicated.  Charlotte had to get them to re-instate the company because it had been taken off of the register and effectively didn’t exist!

Q: How do you feel now that your case has settled? 

A: I have moved employer and am really glad to be back in my old trade of tool maker.  The Vibration White Finger will often affect me first thing in the morning, but once I’ve warmed up or soaked my fingers in warm water, it’s easier to bear.

Being awarded the money also makes things a bit better.  Charlotte achieved far more for me than I had expected.

Q: Would you say that Bray & Bray are different to other law firms that you have used in the past? 

A: Yes and I would have no hesitation to use Bray & Bray for anything in the future.

I recently used another solicitors firm for buying and selling my house and there is no comparison between the service between them and the service that I received from Charlotte.  I was constantly having to fight for information and would send them emails that they would never return, whilst Charlotte would always respond at her earliest opportunity and often as soon as she had got into the office in the morning.

Q: If you were to recommend Bray & Bray to a friend or family member, what would you say to them? 

A: These people at Bray & Bray are so professional and will keep you well informed every step of the way.  They give the right advice and in my case even the right medical advice, as Charlotte sorted the best people for me to see about that too.   


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