Guidance from ACAS on recruitment and induction

In an increasingly competitive jobs market many employers may not be aware that ACAS have launched two practical guides to help employers and managers recruit and settle in staff.

Over the past year the most recruitment related issues dealt with by ACAS were around disclosing information (such as a disability or criminal records, probation periods) and how to construct a job advert.

The guides from ACAS give employers and managers practical advice on how to successfully run a recruitment or induction programme and include free tools, templates and check lists. The main one relates to recruiting staff which covers a range of issues from hiring options, to what essential documents are needed as well as top tips about the process itself, from advertising a job, to considerations when choosing the right candidate.

Anti discrimination legislation – job adverts and interviews

One of the major issues is to ensure that your advertisement and recruitment process does not fall foul of the anti-discrimination legislation under the Equality Act 2010. In particular but not limited to age discrimination and disability discrimination. There are limits on the questions that you can ask with regard to medical conditions or illnesses either in a job advert or in an interview.

It is also essential that you maintain proper records as to how a particular candidate has been selected against other interviewed or non-interviewed candidates. You need to demonstrate that against a particular job description or specification or other relevant information the candidate was selected on merit and not otherwise.

Advice for employers – recruitment

To be on the safe side, run your job advert and interview questions past an employment law expert.  Our specialist employment law solicitors can be contacted at our offices using the telephone numbers below.