The Leicester Mercury has published ‘The most dangerous roads in Leicestershire’, reporting that 242 road traffic accidents occurred in the 10 worst spots over the last 5 years from January 1st 2010 to December 31st 2014; resulting in 322 injuries.

The list of roads in Leicester:

  1. Junction: Lutterworth Road, Soar Valley Way and Glenhills Way – 27 accidents
  2. Junction: Groby Road, Fosse Road North and Blackbird Road – 27 accidents
  3. Length: Humberstone Road (Pembroke St to Farringdon St) – 26 accidents
  4. Length: Narborough Road – 26 accidents
  5. Length: Belgrave Rd and Belgrave Flyover (adjacent to Garfield St) – 25 accidents
  6. Junction: Charles Street & Humberstone Gate (+ length 60m north) – 24 accidents
  7. Junction: Narborough Road & Upperton Road (+ length north) – 22 accidents
  8. Junction: St Margaret’s Way, Abbey Lane and Abbey Park Road – 22 accidents
  9. Junction: Melton Road, Troon Way and Watermead Way – 22 accidents
  10. Junction: St George’s Way and Charles Street – 21 accidents

Road traffic accidents

Personal Injury specialist Charlotte Gurney comments:  “242 accidents in just 10 locations sounds like a lot but, to me, the figures aren’t all that surprising as we constantly act for local drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians who have been injured in road traffic collisions on these roads and junctions, as well as throughout other areas of Leicester and Leicestershire.” 

Advice about making a claim

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