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Senior Crown Court Clerk - Criminal Law

Joined Bray & Bray: 2005

Tel: 0116 2548871
Email Jessica Lucas

Jessica is an experienced Senior Crown Court Clerk who has worked on a whole range of cases before the Crown Court.  Due to her wealth of knowledge in dealing with many types of cases, she is able to quickly ascertain the issues within a case and take the required instructions and steps such as carefully selecting appropriate Counsel to see the case through to its conclusion.  Jess has a friendly and sympathetic approach to cases and as such is regarded as a reliable and irreplaceable member of the Criminal Department.


  • Sexual offences both present and historic;
  • Murder and serious violent crime;
  • Fraud (MTIC (Carousel/VAT Fraud), Trading Standards and DWP)-Drugs and Proceeds of Crime
  • Money Laundering
  • Representing vulnerable clients and those suffering from mental health issues
  • Instructing Counsel, Queens Counsel and relevant Experts
  • Breach of Court Orders
  • Liaising with Counsel and drafting Appeals against conviction and sentence to both the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal