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Associate Higher Rights Advocate - Crime

Joined Bray & Bray: 2015

Tel: 0116 2548871
Email Mara Silva-Romefort

Mara is an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate Criminal Advocate and Duty Solicitor who represents clients at Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, and Crown Courts. She is highly regarded for her enthusiastic, patient and professional attitude at all times.  Mara has a varied cultural background and speaks three different languages which enables her to deal with a lot of clients on a much more personal level.  She defends clients vigorously but remains approachable in catering for each clients individual needs.

Mara is fluent in Portuguese and French.


  • Higher Rights Advocate (qualified to represent Defendants at the Crown Court and Civil Court).
  • Duty Solicitor
  • Police Station Accredited (advice and attendance at Police Stations at any given time for ALL clients)
  • Magistrates’ and Youth Court Representation (all range of offences from minor theft offence to serious assault/fraud cases but also including all manners of Road Traffic Offences i.e. hardship and special reasons arguments, speeding, excess alcohol and careless driving to dangerous driving.
  • Breach of Court Orders
  • Appeals against conviction and sentence to both the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal