Illegal subletting in the UK has risen dramatically according to a recent report by Property Reporter.

An estimated 3.3 million people are currently committing tenancy fraud by living as unofficial tenants, which equates to around 10% of all rental homes.

As well as the obvious legal implications, this can cause other problems for landlords such as higher risk of damages, condensation and mould. The costs to landlords for maintaining their properties and ensuring that it is in a good state to re-let, then become significantly higher as a result.

Landlord advice for illegal subletting

There are some checks that you can undertake to establish whether a tenant is likely to sub-let.  You’re entitled to ask for their last three bank statements, so that you can check that they have been paying their previous rent in full by themselves; as well as references from previous landlords.

When it comes to checking on the property every few months – again this is something that you are entitled to do – keep a look out for evidence of extra tenants.  Usually this will be hidden, but can be ascertained by something as small as extra toothbrushes or an unusual amount of rubbish for the number of people living there.

Landlord and tenant rights

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