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Bray & Bray has a highly qualified team of experienced personal injury solicitors who carry out claims for clients across Leicestershire.  Our solicitors often meet with clients at our office in Hinckley to discuss a range of personal injury claims.

From head and spinal injuries, to medical negligence, slips, trips and falls – our personal injury solicitors have dealt with all manner of successful personal injury claims.  However, the types of claim that are most common in Hinckley at the moment include:

Accidents at work in Hinckley

Injuries occurring at work could often have been avoided if the correct health and safety precautions were in place. A slip or trip can occur relatively easily, but the results of that slip or trip can be extremely serious.

Road traffic accidents in Hinckley

Car crashes are unfortunately relatively common across most towns and cities in the UK.  However, there are a variety of road traffic accident claims being made on a regular basis in Hinckley including being injured as another driver of a car, as a passenger of a car, as a cyclist or as a pedestrian.

Road traffic accidents can also have an extremely serious effect on someone’s life and our solicitors are able to deal with all manner of road traffic accident claims, including those where a road traffic accident involves an uninsured driver.

Clinical negligence claims in Hinckley

The number of clinical negligence claims that we deal with has risen dramatically over the last few years and we suspect that this is because people have become more aware of when they have received poor clinical treatment and their options for claiming compensation for this.

The types of clinical negligence claims that we commonly see in Hinckley include such things as operations that went wrong or failure to diagnose conditions.

Public liability claims in Hinckley

These types of claims encompass anything from slipping over on a wet floor in a supermarket, to being injured during a leisure activity.  Common claims for public liability in Hinckley are primarily slips, trips and falls.

Advice about personal injury claims in Hinckley

Our specialist personal injury solicitors will always take the time to speak to you over the phone, to discuss whether you have a claim.  Once we have established whether a claim is likely to be successful, we can meet you at our Hinckley office, or if you’re unable to travel due to your injuries, we are happy to visit you at your home (or even in hospital).  Similarly, if it is more convenient to pop into one of our other offices, you are welcome at our Leicester or Market Harborough offices too.

To speak to a solicitor from our personal injury team today, contact us using the telephone numbers below: