From our offices in Leicester, Market Harborough and Hinckley, our personal injury lawyers have worked on a great deal of ‘Accident at Work’ claims from across the East Midlands, over the past year.

We have found that the majority of people contacting us about accidents at work were male (73% compared to 27% female), which isn’t surprising when analysing the most common types of accidents reported to us and more widely, by the national media. 

Most common accidents at work 2014/2015

  1. Injuries to fingers and hands
  2. Slips and trips
  3. Forklift injuries
  4. Assault
  5. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  6. Items falling on workers
  7. Industrial diseases

Surprisingly dangerous careers

When comparing this with the most dangerous jobs reported earlier this year in The Mirror, it is evident that the most dangerous jobs are mainly manual (miners, builders, farmers, refuse collectors and mechanics).  However, other careers that may be particularly dangerous (according to an article by The Telegraph from 2014) include the following careers:

  • Estate agents
  • Shop keepers
  • Teachers
  • Librarians

Would you claim for an accident at work?

In a survey that we carried out earlier this year, we found that 59% of respondents would be worried about claiming against their employer if they had an accident at work.  Furthermore, 35% of respondents had actually had an accident at work and not claimed for it.

Is claiming for accidents at work worth the hassle?

If you have been injured by something that wasn’t your fault whilst at work, you can make a claim within 3 years of being aware of the injury or illness.  For minor injuries it may not be worth it, but if any sort of injury is likely to cause you prolonged discomfort, pain or loss of earnings in the future, it is always best to check with an expert. 

Questions about accidents at work

To find out more about claiming for an accident at work, call our team of specialist personal injury lawyers for a free, no obligation chat today.  You can also arrange to see us at our offices in Leicester, Market Harborough and Hinckley for a free consultation.