One of the areas that our personal injury lawyers specialise in is road traffic accidents and with the sun showing its face more and more recently, it got me thinking about summer holidays.  Understandably our claims for accidents abroad go up during the summer months and that made me wonder – where in Europe is the safest to drive or be a passenger on the roads?

Information from the European Commission/Directorate General Energy and Transport website, published in February 2016, which uses data gathered from CARE (EU Road Accidents Database) shows some perhaps surprising results! 

The top 5 positions for road traffic accident fatalities by population in 2014:

First position – 106 fatalities

  • Latvia

Second position – 91 fatalities

  • Bulgaria
  • Romania
  • Lithuania

Third position – 84 fatalities

  • Poland

Fourth position – 73 fatalities

  • Greece
  • Croatia

Fifth position – 65 fatalities

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic

The UK ranks a long way down the list of 27 European countries; in fact it’s second to last with just 29 fatalities recorded in 2014.  According to the list, only the Netherlands and Sweden are safer, with 28 fatalities respectively.

Advice about car accidents abroad

If you are injured in an accident whilst abroad and it wasn’t your fault, there are some steps that you can take to increase your chances of being able to make a successful claim:

  • Seek treatment for your injuries and keep all documentation relating to any treatment that you have (medical records, receipts for medical expenses etc.)
  • Gather as much evidence as you can (photos from the scene of the accident for example) and take names addresses and contact telephone numbers and emails of witnesses
  • If appropriate you should report the accident to the Police or to your tour operator’s local representative
  • Once you return home gather together all of the documentation you can find relating to the booking of your holiday.  This can be absolutely vital because depending upon the type of holiday you have been on and how it was booked will help decide whether you can bring a claim in the Courts of this country even if your accident happened abroad.
  • Seek advice from a solicitor quickly: depending on many different laws and Conventions the time limit to claim could be 3, 2 or even 1 year and it may start on the day of the accident but possibly some other date such as disembarking a cruise.

How to claim for an accident abroad

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