In this article, we’re looking at surveyors’ reports and why you shouldn’t ignore the advice within them.  Chartered Surveyors are certified property professionals, whose job it is to disclose how much a property is worth after taking into account its condition and the market value in the local area.

As they are experts, when one of the following comes up in a surveyor’s report for the property that you’re looking to buy, it’s time to consider whether you still want to go ahead with the purchase of the property, and if so, whether you’re happy to fork out to cover the costs of repairs or improvements, or if you want to try to negotiate for the seller to pay for some of these.

Aspects of a surveyor’s report to take special notice of

  • Electrics need re-wiring or replacing
  • The heating is not a modern system and is likely to need replacing
  • The plumbing is not a modern system and is likely to need replacing
  • The property is likely to need structural improvements either now or in the near future
  • Additions to the structure of the property have been done poorly (like a conservatory)
  • There is subsidence
  • There are leaks
  • There is damp
  • Fixtures and fittings are in a poor state of repair (such as flooring and lighting)
  • There is a lot of wear and tear to the inside or the outside of the property
  • The location – is it a nice area?  What are crime rates like?
  • Is there anywhere for you to park your car?  Or for visitors to park theirs?
  • How old is the property?
  • How big is the property?
  • Is there enough storage space?
  • Does the property have strange room layouts (for example having to walk through a bedroom to get to another one)?
  • Are there lots of other properties along the same road for sale?  This could indicate that people don’t like the area very much or don’t stay there for very long

House buying considerations for you to take into account

Aspects that a surveyor will also take into consideration when valuing a house and which you should research for yourself include:

  • Whether there is off road car parking
  • Are there any local amenities?
  • What are the local schools like?
  • Are there good transport and public transport links?
  • Have you visited the house at different times of the day to see what the local neighbourhood is like?
  • Have you met the neighbours?  Do you think you’ll get along?
  • If you are intending to live with someone else, consider whether you would feel safe there on your own if they ever had to go away for a night or longer

Other considerations when buying a house

Separate to the condition of the house and any associated land, it’s also worth looking into the following before committing yourself to buying a house:

Expert solicitors for buying houses

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