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The job of a criminal defence solicitor is to analyse the evidence against a client and advise on the appropriate plea and possible sentence.  If a client pleads not guilty, the solicitor will represent the client at trial; testing the prosecution evidence and promoting the client’s case, and ensuring that the client has a fair trial.  In cases where the client has pleaded guilty, the job is to direct the court to the appropriate sentence and highlight the good points about their client so that they receive as fair a sentence as possible.

Types of crimes that criminal defence lawyers defend in court

  • Murder / Manslaughter
  • Rape/ sexual offences/offences against children
  •  Offences against the Person, such as GBH, ABH, and common assault
  • Robbery/ Burglary/ Theft /Handling Stolen Goods
  • Fraud/Forgery /Proceeds of Crime
  • Regulatory offences
  • Drug offences
  • Breaches of Court orders
  • Public order offences / Offensive weapon charges
  • Motoring matters

What will a criminal defence solicitor do for you?

At the start of a criminal defence case, a criminal defence solicitor will obtain details of the allegations against you, and take your detailed instructions. That may lead to the need to gather evidence to support your case.  This will include interviewing your witnesses. The solicitor will also research the statutes, cases, and procedural rules that may be useful when defending your case in court in order to prepare a defence strategy.

Building a defence strategy

When building your defence, a criminal defence solicitor will identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case and will inform you of the pros and cons of pleading guilty or not guilty, taking both the law and your individual circumstances into account.

Before a trial

Your criminal defence solicitor will then prepare your case in accordance with your defence strategy.  They will analyse all the evidence both for and against you before a trial, so that cross examination of the prosecution witnesses can be planned, and a proper running order can be put into place for calling your witnesses.

If there are any opportunities for applications to be made to limit the prosecution evidence, or to dismiss a case, your criminal defence solicitor will ensure that these are put into place.

Your criminal defence solicitor will also be there to listen to any last-minute worries or concerns that you may have before the trial takes place.  If there is any new evidence to be taken into consideration, they will make sure that this is highlighted as quickly as possible.

During a trial

Your criminal defence solicitor will be there to argue your case and to cross examine relevant witnesses.  Depending on your plea, your solicitor will be working to clear you of charges, or to ensure that a fair punishment or sentence is given to you.  They will do their best to make sure that a judge and jury, or bench of magistrates, put into perspective the allegation that you have been accused of, and take full account of any remorse, rehabilitation or personal circumstances that are relevant to your sentencing.

After a trial

If your trial was not successful, or if an unduly harsh sentence has been imposed, depending on the circumstances of your case, your criminal defence solicitor will advise you fully about appeals and where appropriate will begin the appeal process.

Criminal defence solicitors in Leicestershire

Our criminal defence solicitors have specialised in criminal defence across Leicestershire for many years.  We deal with criminal defence cases across the county and our offices are based close to the courts in Leicester.  To speak to a criminal defence solicitor today, contact us at our Leicester city centre Hinckley or Market Harborough offices, using the telephone numbers below:

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