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 Making a will with a solicitor does not have to be expensive.  Whilst cheaper alternatives may be available through sites such as Groupon, sometimes paying a little extra means that you receive peace of mind and a will that is legally sound.

Solicitors offering fixed fee wills

By offering fixed fee wills, solicitors are able to offer a will or a pair of wills to clients, for a fee that doesn’t change.  This means that when you are told your will is going to cost £175 before your appointment, that’s exactly how much it will cost.

Using a solicitor that offers fixed fees for wills means that you’re able to budget for your will without any nasty surprises when you receive your bill.  For a process that many don’t find particularly appealing in the first place, this can go a long way to making getting a will easier whilst viewing it as a worthwhile expenditure.

How much does a will cost?

At Bray and Bray Solicitors our fees are as follows:

  • For a single Will, the cost is £175
  • For a pair of Wills, the cost is £275
  • For a single trust Will, the cost is £350
  • For a pair of trust Wills, the cost is £550

We also offer discounts on Wills for people aged 65 or over.

Please note that a pair of Wills apply to couples and all prices listed are exclusive of VAT.

Why do people think it’s expensive to make a Will with a solicitor?

It depends what you’re comparing the cost of making a will with a solicitor to – if it’s an offer for a will writer to make you a will on Groupon, then it’s understandable that making a will with a solicitor who specialises in wills looks a lot more expensive.

Many people also assume that they either haven’t got assets that are valuable enough to justify the cost of making a will, or on the other hand, they have lots of assets and think that they’ll be charged more for including them all in a will.  A fixed fee will with a specialist solicitor can alleviate concerns with either of these factors.

Our fixed fee includes an initial appointment, the drafting of your Will, amending your Will and liaising with you to ensure your Will meets with your instructions and attending upon you to sign your final version.

Making a will with Bray & Bray Solicitors

In addition to offering fixed fees, our specialist solicitors work on the basis that we will only do what you want us to do when making your will.  What we mean by this is, we won’t pressure you to add extras to your will that you don’t think you’ll need.

Speak to a specialist wills solicitor today

At each of our wills solicitors’ office locations, we have specialist solicitors who are highly qualified to advise you about anything related to making a will.  Call to speak to one of the team today, or alternatively you can email me directly at .