1.  What made you want to apply for a work experience placement at Bray & Bray?

I specifically wanted a placement at Bray & Bray because of the firm’s great reputation in Leicester.  My father’s solicitor also recommended the firm for having a good work experience program, so I thought it would be the best place to apply.

2.  What did you hope to achieve from the experience?

Practical, real experience.  I wanted to try some proper work and I am pleased to say this was the case.

3.  What was your first impression of Bray & Bray?

I thought that the people were very friendly, welcoming and professional; exactly how I had hoped they would be.  The place itself is very big and it hits home what a big firm Bray & Bray are in Leicester.

4.  What did you do on your placement?

I drafted a debt collection letter, did an analysis of terms and conditions in a contract and amended a lease amongst other tasks.  It was well organised and I had an itinerary.  I also worked together with another work experience student, which was good because we talked things over together like solicitors would do in real life.

5.  What was the best thing about your placement?

Definitely the feedback.  After every task, our supervisors sat down with us and spent about half an hour going through what we had done and gave us really valuable information and advice.

6. Would you recommend a placement at Bray & Bray to other potential trainee solicitors?

Definitely.  I’d tell other students that they would get to do a lot of work that is real work, where they could put their studies into practise and see how the law works in real life.  Bray & Bray were also really good for answering questions throughout the placement, about the training that we were doing and about real life law in general.

7. Do you feel that your experience at Bray & Bray has helped you to gain further experience?

Yes – since my placement at Bray & Bray, I’ve gone on to gain further placements at two other law firms.  Having had the experience that I did at Bray & Bray meant that I was able to talk about all of the real work related tasks that I had already done.  Plus it’s a great name to have on my CV!

8.  How has your career progressed since your placement at Bray & Bray?

I narrowly missed out on a training contract at Bray & Bray and am now waiting to hear back from a couple of firms, as well as starting my LPC.

9.  If you would like to work at Bray & Bray in the future, what do you think you could add to the firm? 

I think I’m a good team player and have a professional attitude.  I can see myself working in a commercial and business related capacity in the future, so think that I’d fit in well with the hardworking team ethic of the corporate department at Bray & Bray.

10.  Was there anything negative about your experience at Bray & Bray?

Yes – I wish the placement was longer because I enjoyed it so much!