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Unfortunately, being falsely accused of a crime can happen to anyone at any time.  It’s often an extremely stressful, worrying and traumatic experience for you and those around you, but being prepared for what to do if this happens to you can really help.

How to be prepared for a false accusation:

Don’t speak to anyone other than your solicitor

Do not speak to anyone about the accusations until you have spoken with a specialist criminal defence solicitor who will be able to advise you of what to do to protect yourself. Only discussions with a criminal defence solicitor can be covered by legal professional privilege. Whatever you say to us remains confidential forever, unless you give specific authority for it to be disclosed.

As tempting as it may be, try not to speak with anyone to give them your side of the story.  The information that you share, even if it’s with family members, is not privileged. They can be ordered to attend court   to divulge whatever you have said in a testimony against you if your case goes to court.

Preserve evidence

Try to remain calm and make sure that you keep any evidence that proves your innocence safe.  For example, anything from videos, photographs, phone calls or items of clothing that prove you were elsewhere at the time of the crime that you have been accused of can help with your defence case.

If you were at the crime scene, then make a list of the evidence that you remember being there.  If there were other people there, make a list of their names too.

Don’t take matters into your own hands

The worst thing that you can do is to try to sort the situation out yourself by speaking with the person who has accused you of a crime.  Stay well away from them and let your solicitor handle communications.  Speaking to the person that has accused you will only make things worse, even if you know them.

Have an arrest plan

Even if you think that there is no way that you would ever be falsely accused of a crime, having an arrest plan, much in the same way that you would have a plan of how to get out of your house if it caught fire, is something that every family should have.

Do not settle for using a duty solicitor during a police interview, especially if you know of solicitors that have a good reputation for specialising in criminal defence.  Remember that whilst you’re waiting for your solicitor, you do not have to say anything to anyone.

Decide how you would deal with it if a member of the family had a telephone call from the police to say that you had been arrested, or if the police visited the house and asked to come in and start looking around.  Insisting on proof of their authority, such as a search warrant, does not make you guilty of anything, and you are within your rights to refuse anyone permission to enter your house, regardless of what you have been accused of, unless a serious incident is taking place there.

Criminal defence solicitors

The team of specialist criminal defence solicitors at Bray & Bray can help defend you if you have been wrongly accused of a crime, including the following crimes:

  • Murder / Manslaughter
  • Rape/ sexual offences/offences against children
  •  Offences against the Person, such as GBH, ABH, and common assault
  • Robbery/ Burglary/ Theft /Handling Stolen Goods
  • Fraud/Forgery /Proceeds of Crime
  • Regulatory offences
  • Drug offences
  • Breaches of Court orders
  • Public order offences / Offensive weapon charges
  • Motoring matters

To speak to a specialist criminal defence solicitor today, contact us at any of our offices below:

If you are ever arrested, part of the initial booking in procedure at the police station is that you will be offered free and independent legal advice.  Just ask for Bray & Bray; we are available 24/7.

Alternatively, email us and we will give you a call back.