Viewing a property for the first time can be an exciting yet daunting experience and it is often easy to miss crucial details about the property. Although any issues might be picked up at a later date, it is better if you spot them early. We will always advise you to have a survey done before purchasing but a careful inspection at the outset might just change your mind about buying the property before you incur any expense.

Below are some points you might want to bear in mind when viewing a property for the first time:-

Look and smell for damp

If you can identify damp at the property in the early stages it will prevent any nasty surprises later. This way you can consider whether you want to make a lower offer or ask the Seller to do damp proofing works before completion.

Note down any extensions/alterations at the property

Your solicitor will advise you of any Planning Permission and Building Regulations Entries revealed in the Local Search but if there are no entries and you have not advised your solicitor that there is an extension at the property then unauthorised and potentially shoddy work might be missed.

Ask to see the boiler

Solicitors will request an up to date boiler service record and  ask about the installation date, but it is useful for you to view the boiler so that you can see whether it is an older model or quite new. This is useful in case the Seller refuses to service the boiler .If you don’t fancy paying for a service either then at least you will be in a more informed position if you have viewed it. If it is a really old model you might also want to factor in the cost of a replacement in the near future or consider asking for a price reduction. You should also always ask to see the central heating system running.

Check for old/damaged sockets or trailing wires

This information is not revealed in the legal work your solicitor will do. If it looks like there may be wiring issues this will need checking out both from a safety point of view and because a rewire can be very expensive.

Be sure of the parking arrangements

If there isn’t an obvious driveway, ask the seller to confirm where they park and if a permit from the Council is required for example. You can also ask if there is a shared parking area and what the contribution costs are for this, although your solicitor will make sure any maintenance costs and arrangements are clear.

Don’t be afraid to run the water from the taps to see it is flowing freely and looks clear

If you don’t check now you will only know about any issues after completion!

Are there any areas that for some reason the Seller doesn’t want you to see?

Always consider if they might be hiding something.

Does anyone else seem to be living there?

If so mention it to your solicitor who can then ensure that they leave the property.

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